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I am an experienced digital editor and journalist with bylines at Live Science, Lifewire, and Happiness. I am currently the Fitness Editor at Tom's Guide, and was previously the Fitness Editor at Fit&Well and the Buyer's Guide Editor for MakeUseOf.

If you'd like to discuss working together, all the details you need are on my Contact page. Or to learn about my background and skills, you can find out more on my About page.

I'm passionate about making information accessible to everyone in the place they want to find it.

As a digital-first writer and editor, I have created high-ranking content for search engines, helping answer people's queries and optimising for Google Search, including for the Product Reviews and Helpful Content algorithm updates.

I have experience writing content to engage new readers through discovery platforms like Flipboard, Apple News, and Google Discover. I am also a proficient ecommerce writer, producing informative and trustworthy reviews and buying guides.

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I walked for 90 minutes every morning for a month, and here’s what changed for me
Starting the day with this low-impact exercise made me happier, fitter, and more productive
I let ChatGPT program me a five-move muscle-building workout — and the results were surprisingly impressive
The AI got very close to good advice, but it can’t replace the expertise of a qualified personal trainer
Volunteering at Samaritans: “I feel lucky to be there for people when they need someone to talk to.”
Considering volunteering? James Frew explains why he volunteers for the Samaritans and how rewarding and fulfilling it can be…
I meditated every day for a year, and here’s how it changed my life
Just 10 minutes of daily meditation in focused silence has more impact than I could have imagined
Living with chronic illness: thriving not surviving
Managing painful symptoms and changing your lifestyle: living with a chronic illness is challenging. Use mindfulness and meditation to thrive while living with a long-term condition.
Repair your muscles and boost your energy with these eight-ingredient protein bites
You only need 15 minutes to prepare these high-protein salted caramel ginger and turmeric bites
I tried this 10-minute dumbbell chest workout, and I didn’t think it would be this effective
After ignoring my chest for too long, I decided to give Chris Heria’s short dumbbell routine a go
I tried doing wall push-ups every day for a month—here’s what happened
Stepping away from my desk for 100 wall push-ups a day helped improve my form and work my core
Language Matters: How the Way We Talk about Suicide Makes a Difference
Suicidal feelings can be difficult to share with others. We can all play our part in creating a welcoming space for those in distress.
I switched Google for Ecosia, but it was Brave Search that won me over
Brave Search is private, has good results, and doesn’t compromise on its ethical position
Delivery apps are a lifeline for some, but the most vulnerable are being priced out
Food delivery apps have changed the way we eat at home, but at restaurant prices, leaving the most vulnerable priced out.

SEO features

How to meditate for beginners to boost your wellbeing and calm your mind
Learning how to meditate for beginners is a low-cost way to look after your mind — here’s how to get started
How many steps should you take a day?
Wondering how many steps should you take a day? Is 10,000 enough? We take a look at the evidence
Is oat milk good for you?
It’s tasty and works well in coffee, but is oat milk good for you?
Self care ideas: protect your wellbeing without breaking the bank
These low-cost self care ideas are an affordable way to put yourself first
What Is Windows RT?
Released alongside Windows 8, Windows RT was a feature-limited edition of the overhauled operating system, optimized for mobile devices.
How to Fix Google Pixel Problems
The Google Pixel is an excellent Android smartphone. However, it isn’t flawless. If you’re suffering Google Pixel problems, we’ve got the solution.
How to Uninstall Chrome on Mac
It may be time to uninstall Chrome from your Mac if you’ve switched browsers, or you just want to remove clutter.
Monitored Vs. Unmonitored Home Security Systems: What’s the Difference?
There are pros and cons to monitored and unmonitored home security systems. Decide which is the right for you.
What is Mastodon and how does it work?
Mastodon is a decentralized social network and one of the best Twitter alternatives you can use right now


Best vegan cookbooks 2023 for plant-based inspiration
The best vegan cookbooks are a great way to start cooking delicious plant-based meals
We’ve tested the best workout apps to build muscle and boost your wellbeing at home
The best workout apps help you develop strength, boost your mobility, and build mental strength without the gym
The Peloton Guide is less than $100 right now with this massive 51% discount
The AI-powered personal trainer uses a camera to track your form and suggests adjustments and technique guidance to get the most from your workouts.
Use these five resistance band deals to build muscle without weights for under $20
Develop strength and improve your flexibility without breaking the bank with these resistance band deals
Build muscle at home for 58% less with this discounted Decathlon adjustable dumbbell
This beginner-friendly weight is a great way to start working out at home, and you can buy two for less the price of one before the deal ends.
Jabra Elite 75t vs 85t: which workout earbuds are right for you?
We’re comparing the Jabra Elite 75t vs 85t to help you decide which wireless earbuds are best for you


Jabra Elite 7 Active review: workout earbuds that actually stay in your ears
These true wireless earbuds have been designed for exercise with an IP57 rating and tech to keep them in place
I used Chris Hemsworth’s workout app for a year, and it transformed the way I exercise
Centr helped refocus my workouts, take a more holistic approach to exercise, and made me enjoy weights again
Echelon Smart Rower review
The Echelon Smart Rower is a great way to get a full-body workout at home, but it comes with a high price tag
I put the Under Armour HOVR Rise 4 shoes through intense workouts, but weight sessions let them down
For our Under Armour HOVR Rise 4 review, we tested the cross training shoes to see how they perform across a range of workout styles
Album Review: Laura Mvula - Pink Noise
Laura Mvula’s first album in five years is a joyful, 80s-influenced reminder of the unbridled joy of pop music.
Review - ENO’s Jack the Ripper: The Women of Whitechapel
Ian Bell’s Jack the Ripper: The Women of Whitechapel succeeds in creating a powerful production about the strength of the women.


Build mental strength in just five minutes with this short breathing workout
Just a few minutes a day can develop mental strength, boost your mood, and improve your wellbeing
Why Arnold Schwarzenegger, 74, is ditching weights in his workouts
“Physically, you just have to accept reality and do the best you can,” shared the seven-time Mr. Olympia
Walk slower to burn more fat and lose weight sustainably, finds new research
Taking a slow daily walk can promote gradual fat loss, and help you pick up other fitness habits
Watching scary movies reduces stress and improves well-being, research finds
The study suggests that a love of all things horror may improve resilience and help us cope better in a crisis
Science has identified the foods that can shorten - and lengthen - your life
New analysis of the nutritional and environmental impact for over 5,000 foods shows that we should be cutting back on meat and enjoying a plant-based diet.