Reviews and affiliate policy

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I write unbiased reviews and buying advice, helping you find what you need and where your money is best spent. However, as with everything online, it can be tricky to work out whether you're reading paid-for stories.

I currently have no plans for sponsored or advertorial content. If I publish a review, it is based on my experience with the product, not the company's marketing department.

Similarly, I produce buying guides (roundups or collections of products) to help you narrow your selection. These are independently chosen and selected for the guide, and I do not accept payment for a place on these lists.

From time to time, I will review items which we have purchased or already own. In other cases, I may accept products from PR firms, manufacturers, and retailers to review.

However, I will only review products so long as I can be objective and there is space to allow me to express my opinion freely and openly. Products are only accepted on this understanding.

If you have a product, app, or service you'd like me to consider for review, please contact me at or reach out on Threads at @jimjam.froo.

I provide links to retailers for your convenience. At present, I am not part of any affiliate or referral schemes, so I do not make money from your purchase and have no financial incentive to offer one retailer over another.

To make this site sustainable in the long run, I may join an affiliate scheme in the future, but I will make that clear across the site should that be the case.